NEXUS STAR Components

The following module boards are obligatory for operating the NEXUS STAR:

  • Base Device featuring an RBP backplane and one or more XPSU power-supply units
  • RCX controller board and routing matrix
  • One or more RMF or RFOC interface boards

RCX Controller Board

NEXUS STAR controller board and Routing Matrix

  • Main-controller board and routing matrix for NEXUS STAR routers
  • Controls and monitors all components of NEXUS STAR
  • Organises routing and sync functions plus clock generation
  • Handles up to 16 lines with 256 inputs and 256 outputs each

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RFOC Fibre-Optic Interface Board

Optical Interface Board for NEXUS STAR Systems

  • Designed for networking NEXUS Base Devices using standard duplex fibre-optic cables
  • 1 to 4 ports, application-specific configuration (can be changed at any time)
  • Up to 4 ports with an overall capacity of 256 inputs and 256 outputs plus control and sync information
  • No additional cabling required for control and synchronisation

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1 to 64-channel MADI Digital I/O Board

  • MADI-Format I/O Board
  • Extended number of channels compared to the standard MADI format (up to 64 channels per port)
  • 4 identical ports per board
  • Automatic channel-number detection (1 to 64)

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RSYNC Synchronisation Board

Video, WCLK, and AES/EBU Sync-Input Board for the NEXUS STAR

  • Video, wordclock and AES/EBU inputs
  • Automatic detection of video formats
  • Input filter for restoring analogue video signals

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Base Devices

Base Devices are designed as 19" mainframes for NEXUS boards featuring the XBP backplane with the TDM-bus system, controller boards, and power-supply units. Optional redundant power-supply units are available on request. Interface boards are installed as requested.

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