2017 06 StageTec RTS RMDQ 1Geneva, June 2017: Stage Tec is equipping Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) HD1 OB Van with seven RMDQ DSP boards (Platinum DSP). Thanks to the upgrade RTS can now easily work in resource intensive production formats with 128 buses at 96 kHz always with the same high level quality processing. It also provides the eight-year-old AURUS mixing console with more than 800 audio channels.

2017 06 Aurus platinumBerlin, June 2017: Stage Tec has released Software Release 4.3, which includes a number of innovations for AURUS and CRESCENDO platinum customers: an automixer developed by Stage Tec, a de-esser as a channel module, loudness metering in sum and group channels, and a substantial increase in the number of Base Devices which can be included in a NEXUS audio network.

2017 05 Vertrieb SchwedenStockholm, May 2017: Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio mixing consoles and routers, is pleased to announce the expansion of its distribution network in Northern Europe. Electric Audio, a Stockholm-based audio company, is now distributing Stage Tec products in Sweden. Jonas Skramstad founded Electric Audio in 2007.

2017 05 AES Crescendo2AES, Berlin, May 2017: Stage Tec, the Berlin based manufacturer of professional audio equipment, will be presenting CRESCENDO platinum with new audio processing features at the AES (booth 124). This will make CRESCENDO platinum even more powerful and users will benefit immediately from the developers work. Some of the new features require the RMDQ board (Platinum DSP) and will be installed with the software release 4.3 at the beginning of June.