AURUS platinum
The new generation of our bestseller AURUS

New Design — New Features — Proven Reliability

AURUS platinum combines tried and tested reliability with cutting edge features and a freshly updated user interface. AURUS platinum represents our most powerful tool for live mixing and production including a new touch pad, deep integration with the NEXUS audio network and new central functions for fast and effective workflow.

What’s new

The design now supports even faster operation with optimised overview. Among other things, this is achieved by the flat meter bridge with high-contrast screens for excellent readability from all angles. Many new functions enhance the new generation of AURUS, including the ISOSTEM automatic upmix algorithm, a clearly laid out matrix mixer and de-essers in the channel strips. The console also scores with additional improvements to familiar features such as scene automation and the spill function, deep integration into NEXUS with an expanded network view and NEXUS DSP modules embedded in the AURUS platinum signal flow.

Aurus Platinum seitlich2 0008


AURUS platinum — the problem solver

  • ideal for applications in broadcasting, the theatre and more
  • fully featured for live events with reliability
  • optimised for rapid operation
  • integrates into large mixing networks
  • integrates fully into the studio infrastructure
  • is forwards and backwards compatible with existing systems
  • provides reliable support
  • provides superb audio quality in installations all over the world

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