Introduced in 2002, Stage Tec’s flagship product – the AURUS – is based on the concept of logical separation of mixing console and I/O matrix. The AURUS also implements an unprecedented operating concept with maximum consistency: Direct access to all important parameters. Something of a novelty in the world of digital mixing consoles.


Direct access makes the AURUS a digital console with an analogue surface. The unusually large number of controls provides the user with all necessary information. There is no need for paging or scrolling. Due to the large number of controls multiple assignments can be largely dispensed with.
Direct access is made possible through the use of dual encoders. Each dual encoder provides independent control of two parameters and an additional button. The AURUS was the very first digital console to incorporate dual encoders.


Many customers around the world have chosen AURUS and have added their experience to future console development. So, today, AURUS is offered with universal software functions for broadcasting, sound reinforcement, theatre and recording.
With features such as true multichannel-format support for 5.1 and stereo mixing in parallel (or mixes up to 7.1), extensive logic control for various shows and events, as well as static and dynamic automation AURUS offers its users the best possible functionality and flexibility together with outstanding audio quality.
Like all Stage Tec products AURUS offers excellent audio quality and maximum reliability in professional use. 40-bit floating-point arithmetic and 32-bit TrueMatch converters are standard features along with automatic self-test routines, hot-swap capable components, redundant power-supply units and fibre-optic connections.

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