CRESCENDO fits neatly between the AURUS and AURATUS mixing consoles in terms of functionality and features. The console utilises hardware components from both systems. AURUS contributes the audio processing and the mixing console control, i.e. the RMC and RMD cards. AURATUS provides the console control surface and enables CRESCENDO to be expanded to a maximum of 48 channel strips.

With a  panel depth of just over 60 centimetres CRESCENDO is easy to accommodate in smaller studios, and delivers on the requirement for smaller control surfaces with reduced features.

CRESCENDO offers a freely configurable number of channels and buses: Configurations with up to 300 audio channels and 128 summing buses can be created.

The number of mono, stereo and 5.1 sums as well as stereo and 5.1 input channel linkings are also freely configurable. Up to 96 aux or mix-minus paths can be defined. With this capacity up to 96 separate monitor mixes are possible, for instance at a live event.

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CRESCENDO provides comprehensive snapshot and scene automation, preordaining the console for  theatre use.

Function representations in the channel TFT have been adapted for CRESCENDO: In order to visualise the large number of bus routings the functions indication on the channel TFT has been developed from the ground up.

The CRESCENDO console is purely a user interface. It is connected to the audio processor and controller cards integrated into the NEXUS STAR. The STAR can be configured with up to seven signal processing cards (6U plug-in). CRESCENDO and the STAR router are interconnected via fibre optic cable.

NEXUS STAR provides high capacity routing (4096 x 4096 crosspoints) and can be equipped with MADI and/or fibre-optic cards. The cards provide interfaces to the studio peripheral equipment or NEXUS Base Devices.

CRESCENDO (RMD) modules in the NEXUS STAR can access all the required NEXUS I/O via the internal star bus.

CRESCENDO offers, like all Stage Tec products, excellent audio quality and maximum reliability in professional settings. 40 bit floating point arithmetic and 32 bit TrueMatch converters are also standard as are modules which can be replaced during live operation, redundant power supplies, fibre optic links and automated testing routines.


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