hxetr-frontplatte4/8-channel AES3 I/O Boards

  • The latest generation of AES3 interface boards
  • 4 to 8 bidirectional AES3 signals
  • Cost-effective due to high packing density

pdf data sheet (141 KB)

XETR and HXETR constitute a new generation of AES3 interface boards for NEXUS systems. For the first time, AES3 inputs and outputs are combined on one NEXUS card.


XETR can process four bidirectional AES3 signals, provides sample rate converters on all inputs and outputs, and comes with either XLR or BNC connectors. XETR can also operate as an input or output only card.

With 8 bidirectional AES3 signals, HXETR has twice the capacity of XETR. It is ideal for fixed installations and is supplied with either D-Sub 25 or RJ45 connectors.

Specifications XETR HXETR
Audio Channels 8 16
Bidirectional yes
Input frequencies 32 kHz - 192 kHz
Output Frequencies 44,1/48 kHz, 88,2/96 kHz, 176,4/192 kHz 44,1/48 kHz, 88.2/96 kHz (NEXUS-system frequencies)
Sample rate converter input and output sides input side only
Gain on all input and output channels Separately adjustable: mute to +20dB
Transparent transmission of AES user data bits (CUVZ) yes
XCPU test signal generator yes
Available I/O connectors XLR + BNC AES59 + RJ45 compliant D-Sub25
FPGA firmware updatable via XCPU yes
Inputs as sync source for XCPU yes
Synchronisation of an output to the matched input yes no
Complies with the following standards AES3-1992r (1997), IEC 60958, EIAJ CP-1201, AES11-1997
Dimensions 355 mm x 128 mm
8HU (XLR) bzw. 4HU (BNC)
355 mm x 128 mm
Weight ca. 280 g ca. 250 g


Specifications Parameter Unit Min. Type Max. Note
General information Voltage V   5    
Current mA   380   @48 kHz, SRCs off
mA   500   @48 kHz, SRCs on
mA   600   @96 kHz, SRCs on
mA   700   @96 kHz, SRCs on
Temperature range °C 0   70  
Differential Output Voltage V   3,3    
Output Impedance Ohm   110    
Recommended Cable Length m 0   100  
Inputs Sample Rate kHz 30   200  
Differential Input Sensitivity mV   150 200  
Input Impedance Ohm   110    
Recommended Cable Length m 0   100  
Sample Rate Converter
THD+N dB -140 -130 -115  
Delay ms   1,2    
Sample Rate kHz 30   200  

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