DSPs & Controllers Components

xaci01 frontplatteXACI The universal control board for NEXUS

Based on the ARM architecture, the powerful processor of the XACI NEXUS Advanced Control Interface is designed to handle complex control operations inside a NEXUS system. With its ARM-based Cortex A9 processor, the XACI provides cutting-edge processing power to satisfy even seemingly outlandish requests, while also enabling even tighter system integration.

New, powerful control card of XACI for NEXUS

XDSP The universal DSP board for NEXUS

The new XDSP board supplies significantly increased processing power and reserves for resource intensive applications while being no larger than its predecessor and lower in weight. The ISOSTEM method from DSPECIALISTS was optionally integrated into the new board. It generates a proper multichannel mix from stereo input signals in real time, which is fully reversible.

New generation of XDSP signal processing for NEXUS

xfad-frontXFAD Signal-processor Board

With routing systems, switching between signal sources is commonplace. However, it is often desirable to seamlessly fade from one signal to another, for example, in control rooms. Conventional solutions based on mixing consoles or freely configurable DSP boards are expensive, and their operation error-prone. The low-cost XFAD board was developed from scratch for this application and is designed for simple operation.

Audio Crossfader Board

xci-front-4teXCI Communication-interface Board

The NEXUS intelligent generic communication-interface board supplements the functionality of a NEXUS audio network with control functions: The XCI board allows external devices to be remote-controlled and control protocols queried.

Intelligent Generic Interface Board for Serial Data Formats

xri04-frontXRI Relay-interface Board

The XRI relay-interface board allows external switches and current consumers to be connected and can also be used for controlling external machines. The module board provides a maximum of 24 optically isolated inputs with minimal input current plus the same number of solid-state relay outputs that can handle AC or DC current.

I/O Board with Electronic Relay Points and Optocoupler Inputs

xti03-front-4teXTI Data-forwarding Board

The XTI board is designed for transparent forwarding of external serial data of the following formats over the NEXUS system, and makes all the necessary interface standards available: RS 232, RS 422 (RS 485), MIDI, DMX (RS 422/485), Timecode, LTC, Dolby MetaDaten (RS 232 oder RS 422)

Board for Transparent Forwarding of External Serial Data

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