Monitor signals in NEXUS networks easily

Compact low cost  adaptable

NEXUS Monitor Control provides a convenient way of monitoring signals in NEXUS networks, completely independent of the mixing console. Whether as a monitor jahreiss yanncontroller in a sound editing suite or for supervisor monitoring control in large NEXUS networks – NEXUS Monitor Control is our compact answer to many questions.

The customizable GUI enables signal source selection, monitoring volume adjustment, choice of alternative loudspeakers and much more. It replaces an independent fully-fledged monitor controller unit. The modern design is based on a multi-touch screen which enables rapid and intuitive operation. Another advantage of a GUI-only interface: NEXUS Monitor Control is extremely adaptable.

The problem solver — NEXUS Monitor Control

  • Is ideal for sound editing rooms
  • Provides ideal signal monitoring
  • Is compact
  • Enables fast operation
  • Controls external equipment
  • Offers the extensive logic functions of NEXUS Logic Control
  • Is extremely flexible
  • Adapts to any project

581A2221 small frei

General details

GUI Based on a 15" multi-touch screen
Source configuration Via the offline editor
Number of directly accessible signals 24 x 24, each mono, stereo or 5.1
Data interface SD card slot for loading projects
Hardware Multi-touch controller with integrated CPU, connected to the XCMC board of a NEXUS Base Device using the internal STAGETEC protocol (CAT cable)


Features and Functions

Monitor speakers CR1 for 5.1 monitoring, CR2 for stereo monitoring
User Keys 40 freely assignable function keys configurable through NEXUS Logic Control including colour indication
Other functions A/B comparison of two sources, switch between direct/tape, left or right, phase reverse, volume control, Mute, Solo, Dim, and much more

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