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XRT - the fourth generation of NEXUS system fibre-optic boards

  • 8448 sources and 8448 destinations on one NEXUS board
  • Ethernet tunneling
  • Dynamic task management for fibre-optic connectors
  • Realisation of complex audio networks

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XRT is part of the fourth generation of NEXUS system fibre-optic boards. For the first time it decouples the audio routing of the fibre-optic interfaces from the Base Device‘s backplane, increasing its routing capacity.

xrt-fotoThe capacity of each fibre-optic connector can be distributed dynamically among different tasks. XRT enables routing of both audio data and Ethernet tunnels in the NEXUS fibre-optic network.

XRT constitutes its own router with a minimal space requirement of just one board, and enables the creation of complex and powerful audio networks using NEXUS Base Devices.

The XRT board is equipped with 12 fibre-optic ports to route the many I/Os to and from the device. Its power and capacity have increased significantly over the previous NEXUS fibre-optic network and this lays the foundation for a new generation of fibre-optic boards. read more

XRT on overview

SFP interfaces 6 high speed ports:
- 6.25 GBit/s for the new NEXUS high speed fibre protocol
- Supports up to 2048 bidirectional channels*
- Compatible with NEXUS low speed fibre protocol with up to 512 channels*
- Compatible with existing NEXUS (XFOC07)
6 low speed ports:
- 1.25 GBit/s for the new NEXUS low speed ports
- Supports up to 512 bidirectional channels*
- Compatible with existing NEXUS fibre protocol (XFOC07)
- 2 ports available for Ethernet devices
8448 sources to 8448 destinations* on one 3 RU board
No reduction in XRT routing capacity with redundant fibre-optic connections
Increases a Base Device's routing capacity
Base Device's audio bus fully available for internal routing
Supports all NEXUS sample rate frequencies
Network topologies Consistent development of the NEXUS decentralised concept
No restrictions when establishing a network: any topology option, from ring, star, mesh to tree
This allows NEXUS to be optimally adapted to its intended purpose
Ethernet tunnel
2 SFP+ ports can establish a connection to Ethernet devices via:
- 10/100/1000 BASE-T Copper SFP Modules
- Gigabit Fibre Optic Modules
Supports an Ethernet tunnel connection on each XRT fibre-optic connection
Ethernet tunnel connection can be routed between all XRT fibre-optic ports
Supports redundant switching via NEXUS or the Ethernet switch
Guaranteed bandwidth for the Ethernet tunnel when audio at full capacity on fibre-optic connection:
- 1GBit/s on HighSpeed Fibre
- 100MBit/s on LowSpeed Fibre
Reliability Parity check through signature in connection protocol
Auto diagnostics: Warning when wrong SFP is inserted
- Fibre redundancy
- Board redundancy
- Seamless switching to the redundant connection
- No reduction in XRT routing capacity with redundant operation
Temperature monitoring
3 RU board for NEXUS
8TE faceplate with 12 SPF+ module slots
One multi-colour LED per port for state signalling
Passive cooling
Dimensions (height x length): 355 mm x 128 mm
Weight: approx. 1006 g

* at 48kHz Sample Rate

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