2018 11 Brasilien PierreSao Paulo, Brazil, November 2018: Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, is expanding its activities in Latin America and welcomes SDLive, a new distribution partner in Brazil. SDLive was founded in Sao Paulo in 2015 with the aim of providing professional audio installations to television and radio broadcasters as well as organizers of major live events.

2018 10 StageTec Philharmonie outsideBerlin, Germany, October 2018: Studio 3 control room at the Berlin Philharmonie is where concerts given by the Berliner Philharmoniker in the big hall are recorded, mixed and broadcast live by radio stations. Now, Studio 3 has been upgraded to 96 kHz operation and is now able to complete 5.1 productions with a higher channel and microphone count. The prerequisite for this was the renewal and expansion of the NEXUS audio network by Berlin-based manufacturer Stage Tec.

2018 10 StageTec RTS ducking3Geneva, Switzerland, October 2018: In the 25 years since Stage Tec was founded, many customers have given the impetus for new products or features, with Stage Tec commissioned to implement them in the audio equipment. RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) had the idea for a simple and automated workstation for the most common workflow in sports broadcasts: The 5.1 international audio mix of atmosphere from the sports event and the commentary from the booth.

2018 11 StageTec Satis AvatusParis, France, 6th - 7th November 2018: At SATIS in Paris Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of pro audio equipment, will be present AVATUS. The fully IP-based AVATUS console, which was only introduced as a concept last year, will make its debut on the Seine as a significantly more advanced pre-production version. In Paris AVATUS will demonstrate that it also offers all functionalities, even as a small console with only 12 faders, and has the maximum number of channels.

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