AURATUS platinum


In Stage Tec's product portfolio, AURATUS takes over the role of the compact digital console, which of course has the audio quality and high-quality product processing known from Stage Tec as well as the AURUS flagship console. With its fixed channel structures and 54 input channels, AURATUS is designed as a small production, broadcast and live mixing console that is used primarily in the fixed workflows of radio and TV.

The user interface has been optimised for simple and fast operation and allows inexperienced users to quickly familiarise themselves with the system and operate it safely: all relevant channel functions can be easily set in the channel strip using double rotary encoders. This makes the user interface particularly clear and intuitive.

The AURATUS mixing console system consists of a console for operating and controlling the audio signal processing and the XCMC audio processor, which is a 3U large, resource-intensive plug-in card in the remote NEXUS base unit. AURATUS is fully integrated into the NEXUS audio network via additionally connected NEXUS Base Devices. Several XCMC plug-in cards, each with an AURATUS console, can be operated in a NEXUS network. The AURATUS consoles can thus access the wide range of input and output formats in the NEXUS audio network within a wide signal distribution area. This ranges from analog microphone converters with 32-bit resolution to digital audio formats such as Audio-over-IP, Dolby-E®, SD and HD-SDI, 3G-HD-SDI, AES/EBU, AES 42, AES 67, etc. The NEXUS audio network offers a wide variety of input and output formats.

AURATUS has a wide range of functions that make broadcasting easier: these include audio-follow video features, an externally controllable fader (On-Off) function, two freely assignable function keys in the channel, extensive light signalling, individually configurable N-1 buses and timers that count forwards and backwards. An essential feature of AURATUS: the console is optimized for both 48 and 96 kHz sample rates, i.e. a project remains unchanged even if the sample rate changes.

AURATUS is a transportable console and is offered as standard in lightweight construction as a tabletop or built-in version, optionally AURATUS is also available with feet. The mixing console has an extremely low, energy-saving power consumption, even in the largest version with 24 control cables and a central control unit. With 16 control cables, for example, the AURATUS only needs 86 watts. AURATUS therefore does not require a fan. The power supply is always redundant as standard.

AURATUS supports users in recurring tasks - important settings can be configured and saved:

  • The assignment of (NEXUS) inputs and outputs to mixer channels can be freely selected with the NEXUS software and saved as snapshots.
  • AURATUS can adopt resource names, which can be assigned individually in the NEXUS software (label transfer).
  • The mixing console offers more audio channels than control panels. The audio editing of individual control panels can be set up and saved individually. Eight control levels can be freely assigned and called up via keys.
  • Channels can be coupled for easier operation (stereo coupling, VCA groups, link groups). Individually created mute groups allow previously defined channels to be muted at the touch of a button.
  • Static automation allows you to save your own settings as snapshots.
  • All settings and snapshots can be saved and recalled as a project in each production phase within the framework of project management.
  • A security project (backup) is stored when the console is switched off and loaded automatically when the console is switched on.