AURATUS platinum

Direct Access Operating Philosophy

AURATUS features Stage Tec's well-known Direct Access operating philosophy, which offers direct access to important parameters in the channel strip. The console is equipped with a large number of controls that allow the user to control and display these audio parameters at any time. The AURATUS interface is tailored for intuitive, fast and safe operation. Not only in live operation, but also in production environments, problem-free handling leads to a relaxed working atmosphere and high-quality results.

The dimensions of the console have been designed for optimum accessibility of all operating elements and easy readability of all displays. AURATUS offers a very pleasant operating depth. In addition, the meter bridge is kept very flat by extremely landscape-format 16:10 screens and thus offers an optimum view of the recording room, the picture monitors or the stage. The TFT colour screens have particularly large lateral viewing angles and can be easily read from any position.

The AURATUS consists of the following control cassettes: TFT screens, multifunction cassettes (for operating the aux sends, N-1 sums, equalizers, etc.), fader cassettes, a central cassette (for operating a selected channel) and a monitor cassette. The control cassettes are internally connected to each other via flat ribbon cables for easy maintenance. These also supply the cassettes with power.