AURUS platinum

Accessories and Other Products

Every user knows how different requirements can be from production to production. Large mixing consoles in particular, which cover a large number of different application areas, have to meet a wide range of user requirements, from theatre, opera and broadcast to live performances and in the studio. The modular, highly adaptable concept of the NEXUS audio matrix in combination with a Stage Tec console provides a solution for every requirement. Stage Tec's basic requirement is to offer a system that functions safely and reliably, from which a variety of interfaces connect to any other system.

Over the years, Stage Tec has developed independent products that can be combined with a mixing console and a NEXUS system.


Stage Tec has further developed the algorithm of the famous Dan Dugan Automix and offers an additional feature for all Star-Router-based consoles with RMDQ DSP cards: an Automix option that preserves the spectral and ambient impression of the mix while the system automatically shifts the gain focus to the active microphone. All other functions such as EQ and dynamics remain unrestricted in each channel. The Stage Tec Automix option can be active simultaneously on all channels of a project without losing DSP resources. A total of four Automix groups are available, which can be used independently of each other. For example, the microphones of the panel discussion can be combined in one group, while the delegates' microphone units in the hall work in a second group. Few applications may require more than two groups. With the Stage Tec Automix, the sound engineer has a function at his disposal that makes working with a larger number of open microphones as relaxed as possible.

AURUS platinum DAW-Integration

In all production scenarios where a lot of work is done on audio workstations, the DAW integration available specifically for AURUS consoles is a useful addition. In conjunction with the AURUS platinum's standard machine controller for simultaneous operation of two external tape machines or DAWs, the DAW integration enables comprehensive operation of all parameters supported in the control protocol directly from the console's sweet spot. The software supports both the HUI and the OASIS protocol and can be connected to workstations of various manufacturers. The parameters of up to 32 channels simultaneously made available via the protocols can be mapped to the rotary encoder and fader of the console during setup, while the screen content of the DAW can optionally be displayed directly on one of the metering screens of the console. Since the automated channels can also be switched via banks and all parameters transmitted to the AURUS are recorded in the dynamic automation of the AURUS platinum, the result is a uniquely smooth operation without unnecessary back and forth between the mixing console and audio workstation. This can be extended by further automation in the external DAW software. The sensational feel of the AURUS platinum double rotary encoders and the smooth-running motor faders make the AURUS a hardware controller in a class of its own.

3rd-Party Goniometer

The connection of correlation meters with AES/EBU inputs from other manufacturers is already provided for in Stage Tec's large mixing consoles. On request, this can be removed from the console at no extra charge to allow connection of external devices. Stage Tec also offers a console-internal version of the RTW TM7 or TM9 for AURUS and CRESCENDO consoles, for which all software options of the well-known RTW devices are available. The display and, if desired, operation can be carried out directly on the screens of the consoles.

NEXUS Master-Monitor

The master monitor software for NEXUS is the solution for extended metering within the NEXUS network. The user can freely configure up to 256 preset screens according to his needs. These are not limited to pure, multi-channel level monitoring, but also offer loudness metering according to EBU R128 as well as parallel display of short and momentary values, LUFS and LRA. A "RTA Analyzer" spectrum display with 1/3 and 1/12 octave resolution is also available. Since the program can run on any number of PCs simultaneously and can be connected to the NEXUS network at various points, a wide variety of metering requirements for complex installations can be met. There are no limits to access to channels within the matrix. The software can also be operated directly within consoles with an integrated PC.


The XDSP boards, which can be used in any base device of the NEXUS network, are the solution that can be tailored to meet the need for additional local audio processing at any point in the system. The cards can be set up with a wide variety of audio modules. These range from simple delays through multi-channel summers and mono formers to Parametric EQs with up to 30 bands, crossovers and dynamic units including de-eaters. Level Delay Matrixes for controlling large, distributed loudspeaker systems and N-1 Matrixes for conference calls, etc. are also available. Customer-specific modules can be realized. Since all DSP modules are available with their own inputs and outputs in the NEXUS crosspoint matrix, they can be combined as required to create complex systems. For example, an XDSP card can act as a loudspeaker controller for controlling line arrays, as well as for signal processing and distribution to the sound reinforcement system of a department store. It can set delays for monitoring loudspeakers, as well as provide the comprehensive N-1 matrix for broadcast call-in games. NEXUS Logic Control and NEXUS Status can also be used to save and recall presets and set individual parameters. Stage Tec's configuration ensures that all functions are available at all times.

ISOSTEM Up-/Downmix

The patented ISOSTEM algorithm is a special case and a further example of how flexibly Stage Tec hardware and the NEXUS system can be used. ISOSTEM from Dspecialists is the only 100 percent mathematically reversible algorithm that makes it possible to convert lossless stereo audio streams into 5.1 streams - or vice versa. ISOSTEM is therefore a highly interesting option, especially for broadcasters, to convert or play back older archive material, for example. Stage Tec offers ISOSTEM as an option for XDSP boards in NEXUS. This implementation allows very flexible access to the module without the need to purchase additional hardware.

EmBER+ Protocol for the NEXUS XACI Board

The XACI board is an intelligent control board of the latest generation. It serves as an interface incl. command interpreter for external control systems and protocols. For example, you can easily set and delete crosspoints in the audio router via EmBER+ or control the input parameters of the microphone inputs.

Further Integrations

All Stage Tec mixing consoles and the NEXUS audio router are living products that are constantly evolving with software updates. Since the NEXUS hardware architecture, which is based on industry standards that have been tried and tested millions of times over, is continually being expanded by new interface boards and the performance of even existing products such as the XACI board is not yet exhausted, there is nothing to stop the implementation of further connections.

Stage Tec has a long history of close cooperation with partners from industry, information and entertainment. Among them are many well-known radio and television companies worldwide for which complex control and monitoring solutions of the highest standard have been implemented. - New challenges are always welcome!