AURUS platinum

The Concept

AURUS large mixing consoles are Stage Tec's flagship products. In addition to the outstanding audio quality customary for Stage Tec and the well-known high-quality design of all electronic and mechanical components, these mixing consoles are characterized by the generous equipment of the user interface. "Direct Access" is the name of the philosophy that is based on findings from aviation research:

A pilot can memorize an almost unlimited number of buttons and switches and operate them blindly even under stress. The reliability and speed of his actions decrease rapidly when functions can no longer be directly accessed.

Thus, all important functions are available in the AURUS with just one handle on the surface. All common audio processing functions can be accessed directly from each channel strip. The clarity is high, the distances are short, because access to the central control is almost unnecessary. The­ operating speed of­ an AURUS mixer is unrivalled­­.­ The concept also allows several engineers to work simultaneously on one console without any problems, as all the necessary encoders and buttons for all functions are available in each individual control strip.

Theatre – Broadcast – Studio – Live

An AURUS console not only gives a powerful impression, it is also a powerful tool. The software of the consoles, which has been continuously developed over many years, offers the necessary functions for all conceivable areas of application.

  • For the theatre, for example, extensive scene automation with completely freely definable fade times and fade curves per scene and per channel.
  • In the broadcast sector, an unrestrictedly flexible bus structure with intelligent on-air/off-air solutions or the optional automix for talk shows.
  • A powerful, dynamic automation for studios, capable of controlling up to 16 external tape machines and DAWs and offering the possibility to automate any workstation parameters in the mix with the optionally available DAW control.
  • In live use, direct access to all parameters of the connected NEXUS network, such as the microphone inputs with the optional integrated microphone active split, further optimizing working speed.

Functions in Abundance in a Coherent System

AURUS mixing consoles are now in their fourth product generation. This claim has been clearly defined since the first generation: Highest audio quality, most extensive editing functions, fastest workflows and perfect integration with the NEXUS audio network.

Right from the start, Stage Tec's audio algorithms have been famous for their sonic neutrality. The way the filters work has been praised time and again. With a total of 10 EQs or filters per channel, the equipment is luxurious; the gain of ±24 dB allows clear adjustments to the signal. The dynamic units have also repeatedly made a name for themselves in the international trade press. Like all other functions, the expander gate, compressor, de-esser and limiter are permanently available in each channel and can be freely arranged as independent blocks in the signal chain. Not only the Direct Access philosophy but also a wealth of sophisticated functions that make the daily life of the sound engineer simple and pleasant ensure the undisputedly fast operation.

The AURUS Console - the Central Part of the Big Picture

To understand the immense possibilities offered by Stage Tec's system concept, it is helpful to understand the overall system in which the audio consoles are embedded:

The NEXUS audio routing system consists of so–called base devices that can be interconnected in any form to form large networks.

Audio I/Os are mounted as plug-in cards in Base Devices. Almost every audio format is supported – including AoIP formats. In this way, a system can be created that has exactly the required inputs and outputs at each position defined by the user.

The mixing console itself can use any of these inputs without restrictions. No separate inputs are required. The flexibility is thus virtually unlimited. Likewise, all buses and outputs of the mixing console can be flexibly routed to freely selectable outputs throughout the entire system.

The number of channels that can be operated is independent of the size of the mixing console surface. The number of audio channels and buses that can be used simultaneously is defined by the number of "RMDQ" DSP cards used.

The DSP cards used can be scaled by the user as required. Later retrofitting is possible. Since the NEXUS routing system allows absolutely all inputs and outputs of the NEXUS system to be routed freely to the mixing console DSP, the total number of channels that can be used is de facto unlimited.

In addition to audio routing and processing, a NEXUS system provides extensive logic, monitoring and control functions that can interact with external systems in a variety of ways.

In addition to the many helpful, console-internal functions, the interaction with the NEXUS system and all other connected devices is one of the conveniences that make working with an AURUS console so enjoyable, especially in large, complex and time-critical productions. 40 user keys offer the possibility to fulfill all wishes from simple routing changes in the audio network up to PTZ control of connected cameras. Of course, such operations can also be stored in scenes and run automatically, similar to timecode cues or MIDI commands.

Quality and integration are Stage Tec's clear aspirations. An AURUS mixing console undoubtedly takes the leading role.