Stage Tec's AVATUS mixer series revolutionizes the "mixer" concept. Since the 90s of the last century, Stage Tec has consistently operated the separation of mixing console and audio inputs and outputs in a network. With the AVATUS product range, the mixing console itself is now taking the step into the net!

A Structurally Modular Mixing Console...

As known from established Stage Tec series, the AVATUS goes far beyond the conventional approaches of other manufacturers in all respects. AVATUS mixing consoles do not content themselves with a simple IP connection: they are modular from the ground up, use several IP addresses and can work together as decentralized units at different points in the network. A decisive factor for this philosophy is the complete abandonment of central control units - an idea that represents an unprecedented leap in innovation in the history of audio mixing consoles!

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Each display and each fader encoder unit has its own IP address. This makes it possible to operate individual displays or entire parts of the mixing console spatially separated according to requirements. For example, the metering displays can be mounted in small control rooms above the windows or part of the mixing console can be used as a monitor console on the stage. - This outstanding coup in surface design is the basis for the first truly multi-user mixer ever.

This flexibility of the AVATUS family makes it possible to make the right choice for every application. From the smallest 12 fader console with only one display to the largest console with 96 faders and 16 displays, a wide variety of designs and sizes are available. The unique DSP core is also scalable in 7 steps and is based on Stage Tec's proven RMDQ DSP cards with the best audio signal processing available for any mixing console.

... with Trend-Setting Operating Philosophy

The innovative approach continues in the simple, clear and generously designed user interface and culminates in the high-quality hardware version: The huge 21" touch screens are the best the market has to offer and the multicoloured luminous rotary encoders and faders allow such a clear differentiation of various functions that even inexperienced users can work efficiently with the consoles within a very short time.

The consistent use of large touch displays lays the foundations for the real revolution that this unique concept brings: AVATUS consoles do not require a central mixing console section! All cassette strips are identically structured and all functions of the usual central mixing console can be called up on each operating display. This completely eliminates the need for the user to toggle between channel strips and central control, as all the extended functions that would otherwise only have been accessible from the control centre can now be accessed on the spot. It is precisely this innovative idea that makes it possible to work simultaneously with several users on the same mixing console without any restrictions. - Together with the option of running a mixing console in several, structurally separate parts, this results in countless, unprecedented possibilities!

In addition to the high-contrast multitouch displays, which can be used to adjust all audio parameters intuitively and with clearly understandable, helpful visualizations, AVATUS consoles offer four luminous double rotary encoders in each control strip. Depending on the condition of the channel, all important parameters can be directly adjusted in a familiar, haptic, traditional form. Starting with the Gains, the dynamic units Expander/Gate, Compressor and Limiter up to the settings of all EQs, Filters and N-1- as well as AUX-ways, all settings can be made on the AVATUS in the proven way and again directly on the spot. The color coding signals to the user at any time which values he is currently editing. At the same time, as is usual for Stage Tec consoles, the immediate visualization takes place directly above the encoders on the metering displays.

This brief overview alone shows: The new AVATUS mixing console concept is suitable for revolutionizing the work of sound engineers in all areas; in theatre and broadcast applications as well as in the studio or live.


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