CRESCENDO platinum


The CRESCENDO console is the little brother of the flagship mixing console AURUS from Stage Tec, but is in no way inferior to it in terms of quality. The mixing console is characterised above all by its low installation depth and a very clear central cassette. It convinces with the highest audio quality and excellent workmanship of the mechanical and electronic components.

The "Direct Access" operating concept played a major role in the development of the surface and allows direct access to all audio parameters in each channel strip. This ensures fast operation. Stage Tec's consoles do without complex menu structures for intuitive, purposeful operation and to avoid unnecessary detours.

CRESCENDO mixing console users can assign the multifunction controls in each control strip to the desired audio parameters at the touch of a button and then access them immediately. The various editing categories (EQ, dynamics, AUX, etc.) are easily accessible without any detours. This results in an extremely high working speed.

Depending on the user, the many small steps quickly become an individual workflow because the parameters can be adjusted both from the channel strip and from the central control. In addition, the simultaneous operation of the console is a pleasant experience, as the cassettes function completely independently.

The clearly arranged operation of the channel strips with the proven double rotary encoders known from Stage Tec accommodates many functions in a small space and still remains easy to handle. In addition, the structured displays on the easy-to-read displays provide a good overview even in poor visibility conditions.

The alternative to the Select key ensures particularly high speed when setting up projects: the desired channel can be freely selected with a dedicated rotary encoder in the central cassette. This function saves a lot of time when switching channels to aux paths, totals or groups. It is unique in this console.

Direct channel selection is possible via a dedicated rotary encoder in the central cassette. This is not only useful for accessing channels that are rarely used during daily work, but also provides a unique speed, especially during setup, as a large number of channels, AUX paths, etc. can be assigned in no time at all.

The Multifunctional Talent

CRESCENDO mixing consoles stay young forever: Stage Tec continuously develops further software features and sets new industry standards. Additional functions are constantly being added to meet the increasing demands. This is why the console is at home in every industry.

  • Theater: The comprehensive snapshot and scene automation offers freely configurable fade times and fade curves that can be selected user-specifically for each scene and channel. 39 user keys can be assigned with specially adaptable functions, such as GPIO control and the most complex logic functions. This allows extensive integration with components in the entire network that goes far beyond audio control.
  • Broadcast: The integrated loudness metering makes simplifies work just as much as the optional Automix and the intelligently manageable N-1 groups does. The low depth of the console saves space and the high-quality lightweight construction "Made in Germany" saves lots of weight, which is a great advantage in OB vans.
  • Live: The spill function, which spreads all channels of a group on the user interface at the touch of a button, helps to keep track of live events. The highly praised direct access and the resulting efficient workflows save valuable time and allow you to focus on the moment.
The audio processing of the CRESCENDO console uses the same DSP boards and is based on the same audio algorithms as the large mixing desk AURUS. This results in outstanding sonic neutrality. How the filters can change the audio signal from fine and subtle to striking and powerful is unique and confirms the sophisticated concept of audio processing. With a total of eight EQs or filters per channel, extensive signal processing in 0.25 dB steps with up to +/-24 dB gain is possible. In addition to processing the frequency response, the dynamic functions compressor, expander gate, de-esser and limiter are of course available for each channel. Of course, they can be arranged freely in the order of the signal chain. The computing power of the DSP is sufficient to have all functions permanently available. The proven Direct Access philosophy with its workflows allows quick intervention in time-critical applications and the many sophisticated functions make the CRESCENDO console more than just a mixing console. It is a reliable companion for the sound engineer, making daily work easier.


The CRESCENDO Console - the Heart of a Large System

The mixing consoles are only part of the overall system, whose concept provides a good understanding of the countless possibilities that can be realized with Stage Tec's products. Das NEXUS-Audioroutingsystem wird aus 19“-Kartenträgern, sogenannten Basisgeräten gebildet, die in beliebiger Form zu großen Netzwerken verbunden werden können. The NEXUS audio routing system is made up of 19" card carriers, so-called base devices, which can be connected in any form to form large networks. Plug-in cards with audio I/Os or other functions are installed in the Base Devices, which can choose from any audio format with a wide variety of connections - including the latest AoIP formats, of course. The result is a tailor-made system in which all inputs and outputs are positioned exactly where they are needed.

All network inputs and outputs can be used independently of any mixing console in the network. This eliminates the need for separate inputs in the console. All outputs and busses of the mixing console are also available for completely free routing in the network. The number of editable channels is independent of the size of the mixing console. The maximum number of audio channels and buses in a project scales with the number of "RMDQ" DSP cards used. Thus, the processing power of the mixing console can be determined by the number of DSP cards used. An upgrade of the system in stages parallel to increasing requirements is planned. Since all inputs and outputs can be routed freely to the mixing console via the NEXUS network, the number of channels that can actually be used is in no way limited.

Audio routing and processing are complemented by the NEXUS system's comprehensive logic, monitoring and control functions, which can interact with external systems in a variety of ways.

In addition to the many supporting, integrated audio editing functions, this perfect interaction between the CRESCENDO mixing console, the NEXUS network and the other connected devices is one of the conveniences that makes working with a CRESCENDO console so pleasant in extensive time-critical productions. From the simplest routing changes in the NEXUS network to the PTZ control of connected cameras, up to 47 user keys can be used to meet all requirements. Of course, such control actions can also be stored in scenes and can be performed automatically in live situations, just as it is possible with MIDI commands or timecode cues.