CRESCENDO platinum

The Direct Access Operating Philosophy

The design of the CRESCENDO platinum is based on the Direct Access concept of the AURUS consoles and is equipped with carefully selected operating elements that allow a purposeful, ergonomic mode of operation with all essential parameters.

Precise Control at High Operating Speeds

The user interface consists of clearly arranged and structured channel strips and thus supports a high operating speed so that operation is a pleasure. All other important functions are provided in the generously designed cassettes of the central control unit. The carefully selected positions of the many high-quality encoders and keys, as well as the clever arrangement of all necessary elements on the high-contrast displays, enable an unparalleled working speed and an unsurpassed clarity.

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CRESCENDO - The Mixing Console with Intuitive User Interface

The design of the CRESCENDO console, which appears analog at first glance, is a skilful combination of direct operation in the channel, with dedicated keys and rotary encoders as well as several function levels existing next to each other, which can be reached immediately at any time. As an alternative to channel operation, all parameters can also be operated from a clearly laid out control panel. In this way, a large number of parameters can be made directly accessible in the smallest of spaces. Especially in larger designs with many faders, the CRESCENDO console is eye-catching, on closer inspection it can be approached and quickly familiar after the first hours of use. The operating elements can be quickly grasped by the eye thanks to the clear surface and can be reached with short grips. The mixing console thus conveys an impression that can be approached by inexperienced users and paves the way for a steep learning curve right from the start. Not only can all functions be accessed directly in the channel strip, but working with the central control unit is also particularly convenient. The logical, structured structure and the small, high-resolution displays with equalizer and dynamic graphics rule out mistakes.

Direct Access also in the Central Control

The Direct Access philosophy, a hallmark of the Stage Tec consoles, is also reflected in the central cassettes of the CRESCENDO surface. Thanks to their systematic design, the central control units of the mixing consoles are easy to manage and offer an immense range of functions for direct access. In addition to the audio parameters, which can not only be reached in the control strip, all general and special mixer functions are sensibly distributed to the two central cassettes and divided into clearly marked sections. Not only are the important audio parameters represented in the two central cassettes, but all extended functions can also be easily accessed at any time in clearly marked sections.

The incomparably high-quality feel of the surface of the mixing console is achieved by the highest quality of the components and careful manual production. Thus, the CRESCENDO is of course a digital mixing console of the highest league. Anyone who has ever worked with a console knows what a difference outstanding faders and keys make in everyday production.