ON AIR flex

ON AIR flex an Overview

Concept Modular system of IP connected, freely configurable components
Audio connection Fully integrated into NEXUS, combines with all NEXUS modules
Audioprocessing 40 input channels
8 Sums, 8 Groups
8 Aux-Groups, 8 N-1
Multichannel mode: Stereo, 5.1
4 monitor channels
2 PFL/AFL-Stereobus
Input channel:
  • Channel gain, (inside the mixing console)
  • Insert and delay ( 1650 ms, plus delay in the NEXUS DSP)
  • Equalizer and filter (parametric 4-band EQ and Low Cut and Hi Cut filter)
  • Direct output (volume and pre/post switchable)
  • Gate/expander and compressor/limiter
  • Aux send (pre/post switchable)
  • Mix minus one send (pre/post switchable)
  • Fader and mute
  • Panorama, supports multichannel
Fader panel
4 channel strips with 10 buttons each, one rotary encoder, one OLED display
Fader: 100 mm Penny&Giles® motor fader, touch sensitive
Channel grid: 38 mm
Dimensions (width x length): 180 mm x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 1100 g
Monitor panel
2 colour TFTs and 2 rotary encoders for fader position and source selection the CR channels, various multi-coloured buttons
Key pad for NEXUS Logic Control
Dimensions (width x length): 180 mm x 340 mm
Weight: approx. 770 g
Virtual interface Web browser-based, not tied to any operating system
Freely configurable layouts
Extensive widget library
Touch controls
Central administration
Control protocols IP-based
Remote control protocol Ember+
Mechanical Panels can be joined consecutively from 1 to 6 panels on request in a light metal enclosure
Flat frames make installation in desks easy
Dimensions (width x length x desk depth): 203 mm x 363 mm x 80 mm for one panel, each additional panel: + 180 mm width
Weight: approx. 1800 g for one cassette, each additional cassette: + 600 g
Power supply Integrated in desk cavity
Permanent redundancy
Supply voltage: 110 V – 230 V
Power supply capacity: 90 W for 2 panels, 150 W from 3 panels