The Universal Line Level Outputs up to +24 dBU Maximum Level

The XDA+ board is intended for connecting devices that require an analog line level at the input. The board has eight outputs, is available with different connectors and offers outstanding audio values.

The 24-bit converters of the XDA+ output cards feature unbeatable 131 dB(A) dynamics and a high maximum output level of +24 dBu. XDA+ cards are therefore suitable for the connection of all line level Devices even for the highest demands. The extremely low distortion factor is a further criterion in favor of Stage Tec's converter technology. The very low signal delay of only 10 samples makes these fast converters predestined for all time-critical applications. The sophisticated Stage Tec DSP converter technology sets the standard for tonal neutrality with the lowest latency at the same time! Compared to conventional circuit technology, the integrated, transformer-insulated output stage scores with insensitivity to magnetic fields, high symmetry and a small output capacitance.

The front panel is available in different versions with XLR, D-Sub or RJ45 connectors, enabling easy integration into any setups: cards with XLR connectors allow the construction of connection panels without further effort; the version with Sub-D connectors is the preferred solution for direct cabling within racks, and the version with RJ45 sockets is the intelligent solution for fixed installations with separate connection boxes.

131 dB Dynamic Range and +24 dBU Maximum Level

In addition, Stage Tec converters have an extremely homogeneous noise spectrum, so that even at this very high dynamic range noise is almost imperceptible.

Output Stages Transformer Isolated

Stage Tec's transformer-insulated outputs have clear advantages over conventional circuits: They are insensitive to magnetic fields and have a lower distortion factor, especially at high and low levels and at low frequencies. They also offer high symmetry, galvanic isolation and a lower output capacitance.

Flexible Use Thanks to Versions with XLR, Sub-D or RJ45 Connections

This module can optionally be supplied with different front panels, the electrical conversion remains the same. XLR sockets are suitable for constantly changing setups, while the Sub-D version is suitable for permanently wired installations. With the RJ45 version, 4 channels each are connected to one socket and enable fast and cost-effective cable laying with conventional Cat5 cables (or better). For signal sources that are to be connected locally via XLR connectors, the RJ45-ADP adapter circuit board, which converts RJ45 back to XLR, is available as an option.

Technical Specifications :


Variant: XLR 2 x 8TE
XLR male 8x Line Level Output
Variant: D-Sub 25 1 x 4TE
D-Sub 25 Socked female 1x Line Level Output
Variante: RJ45 1 x 4TE
RJ45 2x Line Level Output

Technical Specifications

Configuration, Available Separately for Each Channel

  Ground bonding, liftable, on the output port (XLR only)
  Insusceptible to inadvertent phantom-power routing
  Analog mute when enabling or disabling the power supply

D/A Conversion

Resolution 24 bit, 128 times oversampling

Audio Data

Output levels 0…24 dBu @ > 600 ohm load; adjustable in 1-dB steps; or 0…15 dBu @ > 300 ohm load
Dielectric strength Common-mode voltage: < ±200 V (DC), < 250 V (AC) (1 min. max.);
ESD protection: 15 kV
Frequency response 20...20,000 Hz (+0 dB, -0.2 dB), integrated DC filters
Output impedance 19 Ohm (typ.)
CMR (output impedance) > 60 dB @ 20…20,000 Hz;
120 dB @ 50 Hz (typ.)
80 dB @ 20 kHz (typ.)
Offset voltage < 1 mV (0.1 mV typ.)
CMR (output voltage) > 40 dB @ 20…20.000 Hz
90 dB @ 50 Hz (typ.)
50 dB @ 20 kHz (typ.)
Gain –63…15 dB, clickfree adjustment in 1-dB steps; plus muting
Distortion factor (THD+N) 0.003 % (typ.) @ 24 dBu;
< 0.006 % (typ.) @ –20…+24 dBu, < 0.02 % guaranteed;
0.0006 % (typ.) @ 4 dBu;
–68 dB @ –60 dBFS
Dynamic range @ 0 dBFS = 24 dBu: 131 dB (A) (typ.);
128 dB RMS (typ.)
Idle channel noise -124…–128 dBFS (RMS) (typ.);
- 93 dBqp (CCIR 1K) (typ.);
–105 dBu (typ.) (CCIR 2K RMS)
Crosstalk attenuation > 100 dB @ 20…20,000 Hz (> 130 dB typ.)
HF resistance HF-demodulation resistant according to IRT standards (»IRT-Pflichtenheft 3/5«) and European standards
EMC EN 55022, Class B (with XLR plugs inserted), and EN 55013
Sample rate 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz (NEXUS system clock)
Latency < 0.23 ms @ 48 kHz sample rate

Operation Conditions

Temperature range 0° C to +50° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Storage Conditions

Temperature range –35° C to +70° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Power Supply

Voltage +4,9…5,2 V
Current 1.2 A (2 A at max. load)

Mechanical Data

Weight 0.24 kg
Note In the XLR version, the two front panels are connected with a ribbon cable.
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NEXUS / NEXUS Star Technical Specifications




XDA+ Technical Specifications