NEXUS Base Units


NEXUS 9HE Basisgerät

The NEXUS Base Devices are designed as 19" rack-mount units for NEXUS modules and are equipped with the time-division multiplex bus system (backplane), control boards and power supplies as standard. Optional redundant power supplies can be supplied on request. They are individually assembled according to customer specifications and equipped with audio interfaces, DSPs and other interface cards. The configuration is very adaptable and guarantees future expandability.

The base devices are available in heights from 1 to 5 levels (1 U to 15 U in the control cabinet), with space for up to 21 plug-in cards per level. The exception here is the 1U version, which offers 6 slots. All plug-in modules are 3 U in size.


19" slide-in rack with a height of 1 to 15 U, flight cases or built-in cabinets on request
each module is 3 U in size
up to 2 additional levels available without backplanes for remote front panels
1 XCPU control card
at least 1 rear panel power supply unit
redundant power supplies (optional)
I/O modules of your choice


4-TE grid (20.32 mm)
20 free slots per module level
max. 60 slots per basic unit, plus installation space for front panels in two further levels

Bus system

Time division multiplex audio data bus
256 time slots per base unit, dynamic management
24-bit audio data plus additional data according to AES 3
System size up to 4,096 inputs and 4,096 outputs
Sampling frequencies: 44.1; 48; 88.2; 96 kHz
pull down on request


Power supply: 100 to 240 V AC
Mains frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Dimensions (mm)

Height: approx. 132.5 to 665.9 mm (3/6/9/12/15 U)
Width: approx. 482.6 mm, 84-TE front panel area
Depth: approx. 440 mm (without handles and connectors)


NEXUS / NEXUS Star Datenblatt