NEXUS Input and Control Board for AES42 Digital Microphones

The XER-M module is intended for connecting digital microphones.

With the XER-M card, Stage Tec has created a board dedicated to digital microphones that is also suitable for common AES/EBU sources. The principle of digital microphones, in which the AD conversion takes place directly inside the microphone, makes the signal insensitive to all common weaknesses of analog signal transmission and allows a special tuning of the preamplifier integrated in the microphone to the capsule itself. Thanks to the AES42 control protocol, the parameters of the microphone, such as pre-attenuation, polar pattern and subsonic filter, can be conveniently remote-controlled via the signal line.

The NEXUS application software provides all controllable functions in the user interface. An integrated signal processor on the XER-M board provides sufficient computing power for a gain level of ±20 dB and a downstream limiter. Up to four digital microphones can be operated on one XER-M card. These can also be stereo microphones, so that a total of up to 8 signals per board can be fed into the NEXUS network. Since the XER-M board is an extended version of the AES42 control functions and digital phantom power, it also supports all other functions of the XER series.

Connection of up to 4 Stereo Digital Microphones

Up to four mono or stereo digital microphones can be connected to the four XLR sockets, with full support for parameter operation.

Adjustable Digital Gain

A digital gain in the range of -20dB to +48dB can be provided via the NEXUS operating software.

Optional Sample Rate Converter

The optional sample rate converters in the inputs can be switched on manually or operated in auto mode; the board then automatically detects whether the incoming frequency corresponds to the NEXUS system clock.

Full Support of AES42, Mode 1 Control Functions

All adjustable parameters can be changed via the NEXUS operating software. These include adjusting the pre-attenuation, setting the impact sound filter and selecting the directional characteristic. There are also extensive display options for factory model and serial IDs as well as low battery, link loss and squelch for wireless microphones.


Connecting Digital Microphones to the NEXUS Network

Designed to receive AES/EBU audio streams, the XER board is also suitable for connecting digital microphones and has the corresponding feature. When using digital microphones, the XER module provides the user with full control over microphone parameters such as preattenuation, impact sound filter and directional characteristic in a clearly arranged GUI, which can be saved and recalled in a show by snapshot, even when changing requirements arise, e.g. when two singers or speakers share the microphone.

Technical Specifications :


XER-M_05 1 x 8TE
XLR female 4x AES42, AES/EBU Input

Technical Specifications

XER-M Inputs (Microphone)

Phantom power DPP (Digital Phantom Power) compliant to AES-42; XLR ports (female)
Subsonic filter 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, Off
Phase Free phase offset to system clock
Input Balanced; floating transformer isolation
Impedance 110 ohm (BNC: 75 ohm))
Ground bonding liftable (using jumper)
Gain –20…40 dB

Input Parameter

Dielectric strength ±7 V (typ.), –7…12 V (max.)
Input impedance 110 ohm (XLR, typ.); 75 ohm (RCA, typ.)
Input signal, Recommended eye diagram:  xer05 eyepatterndiag


threshold –0,06 dBFS
Attack Time 0 Samples
Hold Time 10 ms
Release Time 0,5 s
Ratio limiter

Operation Conditions

Temperature range 0° C to +50° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Storage Conditions

Temperature range –35° C to +70° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Power Supply

Voltage +4,75…5,25 V
Currrent 480 mA

Mechanical Data

Weight 0,26 kg 
Downloads :

NEXUS / NEXUS Star Technical Specifications




XER-M Technical Specifications