The NEXUS Interface Card in TASCAM Multi-Track Format

With the XTF card, Stage Tec provides an I/O card that supports the TASCAM multi-track format. With eight input and eight output audio channels and an optional sample rate converter, the board supports high-quality signal transfer between the NEXUS network and connected TASCAM devices.

The NEXUS interface for the digital Tascam format is a combined input and output board with eight channels each. For the output of data streams with a smaller word width than that of the NEXUS system, a dithering algorithm that reduces process-related distortions in the form of harmonic overtones can be activated during requesting.

In addition, professional noise shaping allows the added noise energy to be shifted to an area that is less sensitive to the human ear. Sample rate converters can be optionally integrated for the inputs and outputs to operate data streams independently of the NEXUS system clock.

Optional Sample Rate Converter

An optional sample rate converter can be used to process TDIF signals that operate at a sampling rate that is independent of the NEXUS clock.

Integrated DSP

When the audio signal is requantized to 20 or 16 bits, a dithering algorithm is executed to avoid rounding errors. In addition, the noise shaping function can be used to shift the noise energy to an area in which the human ear is less sensitive. These processes are calculated on an integrated DSP.

Transparent Transmission of all User Bits in TDIF Format

The user bits contained in the TDIF data stream can be transparently transmitted between the XTF boards through the NEXUS network. This is not possible when the sampling rate converter is deactivated.

Technical Specifications :


XTF_01 1 x 4TE
D-Sub 25 Socked female 1x TDIF bidirectional
BNC 1x Wordclock Output

Technical Specifications


Data formats TDIF
Audio data 24-bit, 20-bit and 16-bit
Sample rates 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz
Input configuration Phase inversion;
±20 dB input gain;
Sample-rate converter (option) enabled/disabled for all channels
Output configuration Sample-rate converter (option) enabled/disabled for all channels;
transparent forwarding of all TDIF-format user bits (with SRC disabled);
Noise shaping and dithering for 16-bit or 20-bit output signals
Indicators Front-panel LED indicating the PLL status

Inputs, Outputs

Word clock output BNC, TTL level
Audio data 8 channels
Connector 25-pin D-Sub, female
Latency 4 samples (w/o SRC); 0.7 ms with SRC enabled (typ.)
Synchronization To channel 1

Operation Conditions

Temperature range 0° C to +50° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Storage Conditions

Temperature range –35° C to +70° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Power Supply

Voltage +4,75…5,25 V
Currrent 800 mA

Mechanical Data

Weight 0,28 kg
Downloads :

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