The Processor-Based NEXUS Interface Board for High-End Interface Implementations

The XACI is designed as a universal board for advanced interface solutions, protocol converters, intelligent interfaces and other such tasks. Typical interfaces such as USB and Ethernet as well as an optional SSD hard disk make countless applications for the computer-like module conceivable.

With the XACI board, NEXUS users have a board at their disposal that meets universal requirements with an integrated processor and an optional SSD hard disk. Depending on the programming implemented, the card performs complex interface functions such as working as an EMBER+ gateway or as a web server that is tailored for dedicated applications such as the remote web control of the ON AIR Flex mixing console, etc.

Devices that exchange bidirectional control commands and statuses with the NEXUS system can be connected via the USB and Ethernet ports. Almost unlimited amounts of data can be stored on the SSD hard disk, which can be transferred to or output from the system as required.

Self-Sufficient Computer System

To implement dedicated control solutions, the XACI card contains a self-sufficient computer system (SMARC) with an ARM processor as central unit.

USB and Ethernet Interfaces

Communication can take place via the two USB or three Ethernet interfaces.

Optional Memory Expansion through SSD Hard Disk

For applications that require larger amounts of data, an SSD hard disk can be mounted in the mSata slot provided for this purpose in addition to the integrated 4GB RAM memory.

Buffered Supply Voltage

The SMARC computer system is buffered by a capacitor to ensure that access and write operations can be safely terminated.

Electronic Fuse of the Module

The XACI card is protected by an electronic fuse. When this is activated, the module is deactivated until the next switch-off/on. This state is indicated by an LED.


Connection of the ON-AIR-flex System

Workflows are increasingly being adapted to IP technology. For the EmBER+ control protocol, the XACI board is a starting point for controlling the input parameters of the microphone inputs or switching crosspoints. As a multi-function board with control intelligence, the XACI board can be the host for the On Air Flex modular mixing console system, connecting the control modules and communicating control commands to the XCMC mixing console board in which DSP-based audio processing is performed.

Technical Specifications :


XACI_01 1 x 4TE
USB 2x USB bidirectional
RJ45 3x RJ45 bidirectional

Technical Specifications


Architecture ARM, Cortex A9
Number of cores 4 (max.)*
CPU 800 MHz
RAM 1 GB (typ.), 2 GB (max.)*
Storage 4 GB, SLC Flash*
SSD Upgradeable through mSATA port
  (* depending on version)

USB Port

Quantity 2
Version Compliant with USB 2.0, Type A (host); standard-compliant pinout, no galvanic isolation
Data rate 480 Mbits
Output voltage 5 V
Output current 500 mA
Cable length 5 m (max.) @ 90-ohm line (±15%),
or 25 m with active extension

Ethernet Ports

Quantity 3 (internal switch)
Connector RJ 45
Sample rates 1 Gbits

Audio Data

Sample rates 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz

Operation Conditions

Temperature range 0° C to +50° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Storage Conditions

Temperature range –35° C to +70° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Power Supply

Voltage +4,75…5,25 V
Current type. 1 A, short-term max. 2 A

Mechanical Data

Weight 0,38 kg
Downloads :

NEXUS / NEXUS Star Technical Specifications




XACI Technical Specifications