The NEXUS DSP Board for AURATUS and ON AIR Consoles

XCMC cards form the compact DSP core of the AURATUS and ON AIR mixing consoles. They enable the simple, compact design of smaller systems without significant restrictions in functionality.

With the XCMC cards, Stage Tec has launched a mixer DSP which, while being much smaller in size and can be used directly in NEXUS Base Devices, still offers almost all the functions of the well-known, large mixing consoles. The quality of audio signal processing also offers the same level for which Stage Tec is renowned.

An XCMC board combines the signal processing and control functions of the mixing console surfaces. It is used for AURATUS mixing consoles as well as for the ON AIR series ON AIR 24 and ON AIR Flex. With ON AIR Flex, it is supplemented by an XACI card that provides additional control options.

The card is also used as the heart of the NEXUS Monitor Control, offering the advantages of its small size and outstandingly low power consumption for mixing consoles with this range of functions. Further details on the functions of the various mixing console series can be found on the corresponding product pages.
Technical Specifications :


XCMC_5 1 x 4TE
D-Sub 25 Socked female 1x LTC, MIDI, RS422, RS232 bidirectional
RJ45 1x AURATUS-Protocol bidirectional

Technical Specifications


Mixing console systems Multichannel and/or stereo system, including multichannel monitoring, solo functions and pan controls; supports stereo and multichannel mixing at the same time
NEXUS Monitor Control Multichannel monitoring system for NEXUS sources

Inputs and Outputs

NEXUS Audio Network Uses NEXUS audio-I/O ports; custom interface-card configuration, high-end A/D and D/A converters and various digital interfaces as well as other NEXUS features available

Audio Data

Input channels 54 × input channel (version-specific)
Special channel 1 × talkback channel


Aux/N–1 2 × Auxiliary-Bus, stereo;
2 × aux bus (stereo);
4 × aux bus (mono);
8 × N–1 bus (mono, can be used as extra aux buses)
Groups 4 × group bus (stereo, not available in all versions)
Sums (Multichannel Version) 1 × summing bus (5.1);
1 × summing bus (stereo)
Sums (Stereo Version) 4 × summing bus (stereo)
Solo/PFL 1 × 5.1 solo bus (stereo bus with the XCMC stereo card);
1 × PFL bus (stereo/2 × mono PFL bus with the ON AIR)

Additional Channels

Special channel 1 × down-mix channel, 6 inputs to 2 outputs

Monitoring Channels

Monitoring (Multichn. Version) 1 × main monitoring channel (5.1);
1 × monitoring channel (stereo, PB channel)
Monitoring (Stereo Version) 1 × main monitoring channel (stereo);
1 × monitoring channel (stereo, PB channel)
Monitoring channel (ON AIR) 4 × monitoring channel (stereo)

Controller Signals

  Audio is transmitted from and to the control surface (console, control terminal) through the S/STP link. The audio is part of the (control) stream and must be pre-processed with the appropriate A/D and D/A converter cards.
Remote 1 × talkback microphone
Monitoring 1 × phones (stereo);
1 × nearfield speakers (stereo)
Aux output 1 × 8-channel AES/EBU signal (for example, for connecting an external goniometer)

Processing Modules (Based on the Channel Type)

Gain Internal and NEXUS parameter control;
Phase inversion;
Stereo-channel input selection
Dynamic processing Expander/Noise Gate,
Frequency-response processing Equalizer (4 peak filters);
Filter (2 band-reject filters)
Signal delay Delay up to 1365 ms
Insert switchable insert
Channel outputs Direct out with gain;
Aux send;
N–1 send;
Fader, mute, pan;
Bus routing

Operation Conditions

Temperature range 0° C to +50° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Storage Conditions

Temperature range –35° C to +70° C
Max humidity max. 90 %, non-condensing

Power Supply

Voltage +4,75…5,25 V
Currrent  2,4 A

Mechanical Data

Weight 0,26 kg
Downloads :

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