Release Notes

Software Release 4.8.1

2019 08 StageTec release Crescendo1

Waves integration:  With this release, Waves integration is possible in all AURUS and CRESCENDO systems. In both consoles remote control of the Waves multiracks is via snapshot automation. The multirack snapshots can be assigned to the console snapshots at will, even multiple times.

automixer: The Stage Tec automixer can be extended to up to eight groups with the new release. Since Release 4.3, the auto mixer has been integrated into the console design of AURUS and CRESCENDO platinum and can be used in all input channels. Eight auto mixers can work simultaneously, independently of each other, for example for eight parallel rounds of talks.

De-Esser: The De-Esser was previously available in both AURUS and CRESCENDO platinum consoles as a channel module in each input channel. Now the De-Esser is also available in the channel libraries. AURUS requires a new control cassette for this feature.


Software Release 4.7

2018 11 StageTec parallel compression

2018 09 StageTec 3D Audio IBC

Parallel compression (New York compression): Previously, AURUS platinum offered two types of compression, but now parallel compression has been added as a further operating mode for the existing compressor. It is used mainly for recording and post production. Parallel compression is also available in CRESCENDO platinum.

3D audio: For many years AURUS has offered true multichannel format capability for parallel mixes in 5.1 and stereo or mixes up to 7.1. Now 3D audio can be mixed with four overhead speakers in AURUS platinum. With this expansion, Stage Tec is setting new standards in AURUS platinum since there are only a few consoles in the world that can mix in the new multichannel format 5.1.4 with Z-plane.

temporary link groups: A further feature is temporary link groups, which enables channels to be linked faster on the control surface. This function is available for both AURUS and AURUS platinum.


Software Release 4.5

2018 04 StageTec VCA hierarchy

2018 04 StageTec tone generator

Bypass function: It is now possible to activate a bypass function for each individual aux VCA in all AURUS and CRESCENDO systems. This feature, exclusive to Stage Tec consoles, is in demand for rehearsals with live event and sound reinforcement feeds.

VCA group hierarchy: Another new feature concerns VCA group hierarchy.

A channel can now be assigned to several VCA groups, and additional groupings can also be made. There are a total of 30 VCA groups to choose from.

Automatic stereo downmix with level correction: Due to popular demand, the ITU-R 775-3-compliant automatic stereo downmix with level correction is available when routing 5.1 sources to stereo groups. This feature is provided for the AURUS and CRESCENDO and is mainly used in broadcast.

Internal tone generator: The internal tone generator can now be accessed in the centre section of AURUS and CRESCENDO. This means it is possible to configure the mixing console even if the NEXUS audio network is not yet connected.

This feature makes life much easier for broadcast users (e.g. in OB vans).

M/S decoder: The newly developed M/S decoder is now available automatically on input channels in all Stage Tec mixing consoles. An integrated upmix process enables decoded M/S signals or stereo signals to be mixed automatically to multichannel buses. This feature is of particular interest to post-production users.


Software Release 4.4.1

2018 02 StageTec software release True Peak Limiter Aurus

2018 02 StageTec Project channel config

True peak metering and true peak limiters: The new software release enables the use of true peak metering and true peak limiters in AURUS platinum mixing console configurations equipped with the RMDQ DSP boards. Measurements are made with eight times oversampling, enabling more precise control of the signal to be processed. The true peak limiter and metering are available in all channel types.

Channel configuration templates: Channel configuration templates can now be saved after editing

and used as templates in new projects. The GUI interface has also been revised and now displays consoles operating in parallel and virtual interfaces.

GUI interface: The GUI interface has also been revised and now displays consoles operating in parallel and virtual interfaces. Available in AURUS and CRESCENDO systems.

Timecode automation: With the new software release, customers with AURUS mixing desks can now enjoy improved handling of timecode automation. Operational workflow has been optimised.